Meet Wouter a Project Manager at LeadHQ!

Wouter is the second Project Manager we will introduce. At the moment, Wouter is 32 years old and a sports freak.  In this short article we’ll briefly introduce Wouter, his motivation , and why working for LeadHQ was an obvious choice.

Who is Wouter Schut?

Wouter joined LeadHQ in February. As a Project Manager, he helps our partners every day. Whether it is to increase their network or improve their Lead Generation campaigns, Wouter does  everything with outstanding passion and drive. 

This drive is not only noticeable at work. Wouter is a real sports fanatic and is always up for a challenge. He loves to work out several times a week! He keeps us informed about his athletic achievements and always is looking to get the most out of his activities. 

He compares working at Lead HQ with being on a football team. 

‘’Let's say you have 10 strikers and one keeper. You can except many goals, yet loads of goals will be scored against you, making it difficult to win games. As a team, you need to ensure that there is a good balance. I always seek balance, both in our team and with our partners, so that we’re ensuring sustainable growth.’’

At LeadHQ, Wouter says he feels at home. Each day he learns a lot. And since our team is scaling up, his work requires flexibility and ownership. Testing new experiments is right up his alley. Wouter also enjoys the many interactions with our partners. Step by step, he is able to help them become more successful and grow their business.  In addition to helping our partners, Wouter also helps us. He accomplishes this by remaining critical of our progress and process and looking for ways we can improve. 

A great example of this is the book he is currently reading, The Best Service is No Service, by Bill Price & David Jaffe. Given the fact that Wouter is in daily contact with our partners, he identifies great opportunities to make our services even better.

All of us at LeadHQ are very happy that Wouter became part of our team! Secretly we are looking for more Wouters and Sanne’s. Click here for our vacancies.