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LinkedIn Contentmarketing

Get the most out of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest B2B content channel in the world. If you’re new to content marketing, LinkedIn is the place to start. Compared to other avenues, this platform lets you engage directly with your network. LeadHQ helps companies get more out of LinkedIn.

It all starts with your personal branding

Social Selling is the art of making customers come to you instead of the other way around. We look to do this by sharing your knowledge, inciting curiosity in your network, and sharing your story. This starts by establishing your ‘personal brand’, which we’ll define together. Once we know your brand, we’ll create a targeted strategy for your content marketing: This is an extremely effective way to show your target group that you are the expert in your field and to bring in more leads in an organic way.

LeadHQ uses the ‘5-3-2 method’, which simply means that for every 10 posts you:

  • Share content from other sources 5 times
  • Share your own unique posts 3 times
  • Share engaging, personal content 2 times
Before we start creating content we first determine the ‘buyer persona’, ‘buyer journey’, and tone-of-voice. Every post we make will fall within these categories and the overall strategy we develop with you.

You are always in control

We create the content, but we never publish anything without your approval. You’ll get access to our online portal where you can check our work, so you don’t have to worry that we won’t properly express your (personal) brand!

Engagement coaching. Visibly more results.

Creating content is 50% of a successful content marketing strategy, but without views, your content has little meaning. That’s why we ensure that people actually see your unique content. Here’s a short list of the tactics we can use to drive engagement:

  • Employee advocacy. Because who can represent your brand and content better than your employees?
  • Respond proactively. Respond to content from prospects, colleagues, and (micro) influencers within your field.
  • Conversational Selling Package. Ensure that you come in contact with the right people to help synergize your network and your content.

Retargeting with ads

People who have viewed your content once will be more likely to engage with you and your business, so we use ads to retarget these individuals. We can reach these people again in several ways:
  • LinkedIn retargeting → We show an advertisement on LinkedIn to the people who have already viewed your content. This is possible with people who have seen your posts on your own website or on the website of third parties (using your link).
  • Google AdSense → We can retarget people who have clicked on a link from your website or from third parties via the Google AdSense network. This target group will then see your banner in their browser.

Curious how we can help?

Tell us the (growth) challenges of your team or company.

Our method

To get your Conversational Selling campaign off the ground as quickly as possible, we work with a standardized onboarding process. This allows us to determine exactly which strategy and content will work best for you.

Phase 1

The preparation

After the Service Agreement and prepayment, you’ll fill out our questionnaire and upload any marketing material (such as videos, images, case studies, etc.) so we can get to know you.
Phase 1

Phase 2

Determining strategy and goals

We define the buyer journey and the buyer persona to help understand your target audience. We’ll work purposefully and set SMART objectives for the campaign.
Phase 2

Phase 3

The first deliverables

Our first month is busy with filling your content calendar, performing personal LinkedIn and company profile audits, and establishing KPIs to measure your SMART objectives.
Phase 3

Phase 4

Processing feedback

You’ll provide feedback on the created content, KPIs measures, and ideas from the first phase, which we then process to optimize your entire campaign.
Phase 4

Phase 5

Time to go live!

Now the fun part! We work one month in advance so you have time to check our work, report monthly on our progress, and make continual improvements.
Phase 5

Our subscriptions

LinkedIn content marketing

Work on your personal brand with strategic content
1.000 per month
  • 10 posts per month
  • 1 article per month (1000 words)
  • Three-month pilot, then twelve-month collaboration

LinkedIn / Google Ads

Show ads to the right audience and retarget prospects who have expressed an interest
750 per month
  • €750,- start-up costs
  • Excluding advertising budget
  • Three-month pilot, then twelve-month collaboration

What customers say about us

LeadHQ is helping us to find relevant audiences that could benefit from our services and start the conversation with them. We have seen our sales volume go up since we have started working with them. I very much appreciate their personal, proactive and fast service. All in all a solid partnership!
Onno Halsema
CEO - Contentoo
Immediately after the start we received several qualitative leads and we have added several new organizations to our customer base! In addition, we are very pleased with the communication with LeadHQ and the way they work. Definitely a must for organizations that want to take their acquisition to another level!
Durk Reijenga
Owner - TheStudentPool

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