Improve your sales process

Modernize your sales process and be able to predict revenue

Conversational Selling

HubSpot CRM Onboarding

To not miss a single business opportunity

Listbuilding prospectie

Sales Audit

A full audit for your current sales process

Listbuilding prospectie

Prospecting / list building

First-aid for creating a prospect list

Buyer Persona identification

To have focus, you must first know your ideal customer

HubSpot CRM

To expand the customer base in a stable and reliable way, a good CRM system is crucial. With a CRM system, you create insight and overview that allows you to predict new sales over time. No customer conversation gets lost.

First, we help you visualize the sales process. Together we think strategically about the different steps a potential customer goes through: the customer journey.

But what do you do when a customer is in the orientation phase or when they are already considering your product or service?

First, we make logical steps clear. Then we figure out what we can offer (per phase). The final step is determining how to make these steps measurable in HubSpot. As a result, every step in the sales process is recorded and, if desired, adjustments can be made in real-time. This is especially valuable for knowing how many new customers are in the “close” phase or those that first want a demonstration or an online presentation.

Helpful isn’t it?

Sales Audit

Collectively, we have more than 30 years of experience with various online marketing and sales tools. We are happy to help you determine what your current sales process looks like and what tools you are using. Often we can realize efficiency improvements with small adjustments.

During this Sales Audit, we look at several factors including:

  • The current sales process;
  • The tools that are being used;
  • Communication channels of the target group;
  • The available content (think case studies, blogs and white papers);
  • Conversion rates (if possible);

Buyer Persona Identification

A Buyer Persona is the description of your ideal customer. What are his or her challenges, activities, and job title? Moreover, it is useful to know what his or her day looks like, what media they read, how they want to be addressed, what communication channels are used, and much more. We can help you map this out if required.

Focus is the magic word, because shooting arrows without a defined target group takes up too much time; you will be distracted by contacts who will never buy from you.

Learn how we can help?

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Our Approach

To be successful, we start with an onboarding where we get to know each other

Phase 1

The preparation

Kickoff + determine objectives

Phase 1

Phase 2

Strategy and planning

Making a project plan

Phase 2

Phase 3

Define and visualize

Visualize and fine-tune the sales process

Phase 3

Phase 4

Implementation and configuration

The technical configuration of HubSpot setting

Phase 4

Phase 5


The migration of data from previous customer systems or related customer data

Phase 5

Phase 6

Training and knowledge transfer

An extensive training for key users

Phase 6

Phase 7

Growth plan

We keep working on next steps and build an iterative plan for the future

Phase 7

What customers say about us:

LeadHQ is helping us to find relevant audiences that could benefit from our services and start the conversation with them. We have seen our sales volume go up since we have started working with them. I very much appreciate their personal, proactive and fast service. All in all a solid partnership!
Onno Halsema
CEO - Contentoo
Immediately after the start we received several qualitative leads and we have added several new organizations to our customer base! In addition, we are very pleased with the communication with LeadHQ and the way they work. Definitely a must for organizations that want to take their acquisition to another level!
Durk Reijenga
Owner - TheStudentPool

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