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What is Social Reach Optimization (SRO)

Who can tell your brand story better than a proud employee? That’s the goal of Social Reach Optimization (SRO), where you optimize your organic reach on social media by deploying brand ambassadors like employees, dealers, and franchisees.

Your ambassadors share authentic content, allowing you to radiate thought leadership, expertise and pride throughout a huge network. SRO also generates quality leads, grows brand awareness, and helps qualify relevant job candidates.

Wat is Social Reach Optimization
Social Reach Optimization

Enhance your brand. Extend your reach. Without advertising.

With our Brand Advocacy Platform, you can extend your online visibility without traditional networking or expensive advertising campaigns. Social Reach Optimization (SRO) taps into your existing relationships to enhance your brand with the help of Employee, Dealer, and Franchise Advocacy.

Show the world your brand.

LinkedIn company profile content typically is shown to just 1-4% of followers, but personal profiles are shown up to 50% of connections. By tapping into this personal profile power, your ambassadors can reach a substantially larger audience compared to your company profile.

Benefits of Ambassador advocacy are:

  • Save time for your ambassadors. We will propose messages, while your ambassadors can make minor adjustments and publish the content at their leisure.
  • Cost reduction. Because we work with organic reach, you do not have to worry about an ad budget. Savings can add up quickly the more ambassadors you have.
  • Connect your ambassadors with your organization. By working together towards a common goal, your ambassadors will strengthen their bond with your brand.
  • Expand your reach exponentially. Use existing networks of stakeholders, like employees, dealers, and franchisees on social media to reach thousands of people.
  • More leads, applicants, assignments, and upsell opportunities. People buy from people, not companies, and are more likely to convert if they interact with your brand through a person they know.
  • Increased employee and partner social media knowledge. We’ll host knowledge sessions to explore how ambassadors can use social media to achieve their, and your, goals.
Brandambassador platform

Employee Advocacy

Your employees are the ideal brand ambassadors. Through our app you can keep track of who submits the most content and who shares the most content. Reward those active users and discuss pain points with employees showing less activity. Employees remain in control of their own profile at all times. Content will be provided, but everyone decides for themselves whether to post it or not.

Franchise Advocacy

For companies with a franchise structure, quality and professionalism can differ from one branch to another. Through LeadHQ, you can manage your content strategy with consistent brand expressions for all affiliated branches.

Dealer Advocacy

Dealers’ social media channels are regularly maintained in a way that makes access to content and connections difficult. LeadHQ helps to connect all your dealers, allowing you to introduce content to them. Dealers are free to choose whether or not to pass on content, but you’ll be able to reward those who are the best ambassadors for your brand!

Onze werkwijze

Om je Conversational Selling-campagne zo snel mogelijk van de grond te krijgen, werken we met een gestandaardiseerd onboarding proces, waardoor we precies kunnen bepalen wat voor strategie en welke content het best voor jou werkt.

Fase 1

De voorbereiding

Het begint met de Service Agreement en de aanbetaling. Na dit zakelijk gedeelte, willen we jou natuurlijk beter leren kennen. Daarom vragen we je om ons vragenformulier in te vullen en eventueel marketingmateriaal te uploaden (denk aan video’s, afbeeldingen, casestudies, etc.).
Fase 1

Fase 2

Strategie en doelen bepalen

We definiëren de buyer journey en de persona. Zodat we niet met hagel schieten, maar doelgericht te werk gaan. In samenwerking stellen we de SMART-doelstellingen voor de campagne op.

Fase 2

Fase 3

De eerste deliverables

Contentkalender vullen van de eerste maand, LinkedIn profile audit, LinkedIn bedrijfsprofiel audit, KPI’s bij SMART-doelstellingen meetbaar maken.
Fase 3

Fase 4

Verwerking feedback

Je geeft jouw feedback op de gemaakte content en ideeën uit de eerste fase. We verwerken deze vervolgens voor de optimalisatie van jouw campagne.
Fase 4

Fase 5

Time to go live!

We gaan nu van start met je contentmarketingcampagne. We werken steeds een maand vooruit, zodat jij ruim de tijd hebt om ons werk te controleren. Samen bouwen we aan een employee advocacy en partner advocacy strategie. Maandelijks rapporteren we over de voortgang en brengen we verbeteringen aan.
Fase 5

Our subscriptions

Advocacy platform

Create and maintain a successful employee advocacy strategy.
1.000 per month
  • Strategy & setup
  • Content creation & planning
  • Reporting & Insights
  • Webplatform + mobile app (iOS + Android)

Ambassador seats

Pricing is based on the number of ambassadors you would like to activate.
20 per user
  • Kick-off & onboarding
  • Activation & monitoring
  • Coaching & training
  • Editorial meetings

Bereken je Social Reach

We give the assist, your ambassadors score.

By teaming up with your ambssadors we will provide your employees, dealers, and franchisees with authentic and relevant content about your organisation that they can share on their social media profiles.

What clients say about us:

LeadHQ is helping us to find relevant audiences that could benefit from our services and start the conversation with them. We have seen our sales volume go up since we have started working with them. I very much appreciate their personal, proactive and fast service. All in all a solid partnership!
Onno Halsema
CEO - Contentoo
Immediately after the start we received several qualitative leads and we have added several new organizations to our customer base! In addition, we are very pleased with the communication with LeadHQ and the way they work. Definitely a must for organizations that want to take their acquisition to another level!
Durk Reijenga
Owner - TheStudentPool

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