Summer-break for sales and marketing

It is August and that means vacation time. At the LeadHQ headquarters, we have noticed this too. Our colleagues are away on vacation, but our partners are experiencing summer just like us. Traditionally, starting at the end of May, the project and sales teams are bombarded with questions about whether we should push ahead or wait until after the summer holidays. 

In a sense, this is a very logical question. After all, many people are on vacation during the summer months. We have noticed that companies prefer to start new projects after the summer holidays have ended.  Most of the time, summer staffing levels are low and therefore companies assume that limited results can be achieved.

Summer back in the day!

Let’s climb into the Delorean of Marty McFly and Doc Brown and go back in time. Back to 1970, when waiting during the summer months would have been a good choice for marketing and sales professionals. In those years, no one had the time to try out new activities, because back then nobody had a smartphone and people were difficult to reach. 

Let’s say, for example, you were on vacation in France. There were no ways to stay up-to-date other than to watch the news on the French tv or purchase an old French newspaper. Often you had no contact with your friends, family, or colleagues until you were back home.

Summers in 2020's and today

Recent technological developments have changed a lot in our daily lives. The smartphone made us more accessible year in and year out. The arrival of social media has resulted in us spending more and more time on social channels every day, and sharing our experiences with our friends and followers. So when we’re on vacation, we don’t miss a beat. The social media updates keep on popping up on our feeds. Even work-related news seems to be on the agenda.

Nowadays, we constantly seek to develop and improve ourselves, particularly when on vacation. We have time available to spend it on other things, like reading a white paper or finally  finishing the book that’s been on your bedside table for 6 months. All in all, more time to think. 

The summer-break phenomenon

Yes! It’s a well-known phenomenon; people get the best ideas when they are on vacation because they simply have more space in their head. One thing that we at LeadHQ have noticed is the following:

Although people on vacation are less accessible or inaccessible via their professional email or phone, they remain available on their social media like LinkedIn. People are more willing to read articles and are engaged more deeply into what is written in articles, blogs, case studies, and or white papers. 

Our advice is to start when you can. Of course it is better to start today than tomorrow. After all, growth needs rhythm and regularity.