Improve Your Sales Department

Generate more predictable revenue!

Who Are Your Dream Clients?

Find the connection your best customers have in common to get more sales from that type.

Sales Process Audit

The current state of the sales department, including goals, sales propositions, and used technologies.

Sales Strategy

Where do you find your ideal customer and how do you sell your proposition to this group?


CRM usage, conversation techniques, sales strategy, and following up on sales opportunities.

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Who Are Your Dream Customers?

Not all customers are equally valuable. Who are your top 20% customers? In a workshop lasting 4-6 hours (depending on group size), we create a precise description of your ideal customer. What exactly you are selling to this customer, and how to best market your product. Prior to the workshop, you will be sent questions so that we can customize the program and work as efficiently as possible.

Sales Process Audit

During an in-depth interview with all of your relevant stakeholders, we map the current effectiveness of your sales department. We discuss your goals, target group, proposition, what your current sales strategy is, how and what you report, what the team looks like, and which technologies you use. This allows specialized insight into exactly how you can optimize each of those facets.
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Sales Strategy

We get to know your organization and your target group on a deep level. From there, we can advise you on the right sales strategy that fits your offer.

This includes:

  • How to find your ideal customer
  • Strategy to approach and engage these customers
  • Visual sales process – the (emotional) journey that a buyer goes through
  • Advice on reporting
  • The best composition and optimization for your sales team

Sales Training

Depending on what your organization needs, we can also provide customized training sessions. These could include the use of the Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), sales conversations, following up on sales opportunities, and developing a sales strategy.

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