Extend your commercial team with prospecting, CRM support, and top-tier freelancers

Enable your technical sales staff to retain focus for greater success

Prospecting and List Building

We prepare an overview with ideal potential customers and their contact information based on your preferences.

LinkedIn contentmarketing

Lead Generation and Appointment Setting

Targeted, personalized outreach via LinkedIn, email, and phone to approach potential customers and build valuable business relationships.

CRM Onboarding and Improvement

Get an organized and effective system for your sales process. From initial setup to ongoing evaluation and enhancements, we'll help you leverage your CRM.

CRM Hygiene and Management Reporting

We ensure that you have reliable data as the basis for your reports, thereby making revenue predictable.

Part-time CCO

Experienced interim commercial director starting from 4 hours per week.

Network of Commercial freelancers

Our large pool of A-players take time-consuming work off your team’s hands. We offer marketers, sales staff and more for the commercial department.

Conversational Selling

Risk-Free Freelancer Sourcing for Commercial Departments

We help fill the gaps in your commercial department without upfront costs, ensuring a perfect fit for your team.

Network of vetted commercial agencies

Outsource confidently with our network of vetted commercial agencies. We provide the expertise and knowledge to navigate the selection process.

Prospecting & List Building

Together, we have more than 50 years of experience with various methods, techniques, and strategies to find the right people. If we have a blueprint of your ideal customer, then we know how to find the right companies and contacts, including their contact details such as email addresses, LinkedIn profiles, addresses, and phone numbers. 

Lead Generation and Appointment Setting

We leverage a combination of LinkedIn, email, and targeted phone outreach to generate quality leads and secure valuable meetings for our clients in the industry. By strategically utilizing channels based on budget and target audience, we ensure effective engagement and opportunities. Whether it’s initiating meaningful conversations on LinkedIn, crafting personalized email campaigns, or conducting strategic phone calls.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Onboarding & Improvement

We have extensive experience with almost all major CRM systems and can seamlessly integrate your sales process. We are happy to set up the steps that can be automated for you. This way your team can work more efficiently. Think of automatic tasks when a potential customer fills out the contact form, notifications to follow up on a quote, or other automations.

CRM Hygiene and Management Reporting

Predictable revenue is one of the most important benefits of using a CRM system. To be able to predict revenue, your CRM system must be organized. We make the data streams transparent and clean up what we can. We ensure that your team can rely on this data and that reports can be made on the expected revenue.

Part-time Commercial Director

An interim Commercial Director, starting from just four hours per week, can significantly enhance your business. This expert will refine your sales strategies and align them with market demands, evaluate your market positioning, and streamline operational efficiencies. Their insights will improve processes, cut costs, and boost profitability, helping your company achieve strategic growth and a stronger market presence.

Access our Pool of Commercial freelancers

Our pool of commercial freelancers includes top-tier sales, marketing, and other specialists ready to take on time-consuming tasks for your commercial department. These A-players are carefully selected for their skills and dedication, ensuring they can integrate smoothly into your team and enhance your operations. With our freelancers, you can scale your commercial efforts efficiently without the commitment of long-term hires.

Risk-Free Freelancer Sourcing for Commercial Departments

We help you fill any gaps in your commercial department without requiring upfront costs. If we don’t have the right talent in our team, we will help you find them. We enhance your operations with the skills you need. By carefully matching skilled professionals to your specific requirements, we help you optimize your workforce efficiently and effectively, allowing you to focus on growing your business without the burden of long-term commitments.

Network of vetted commercial agencies

Our service connects you with a network of pre-approved commercial agencies, making it easy to find and hire the right partner for your business. We bring the expertise needed to help you choose wisely, supported by a database of trusted agencies. If you want to consider other options, we can also help evaluate different providers. Whether you pick from our list or look elsewhere, we make the process simple and secure, ensuring you find the best agency for your needs.

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