Meet Sanne Bruggink 🚣‍♀️ Project Manager

Many of our partners have already met Sanne in one of our meetings, of course! She has been part of our growing LeadHQ team since 2020.

Sanne is a true captain and we’ve experienced that every day. Along with a number of other LeadHQers, she has taken up a sports challenge. Being a rower, this is no problem for Sanne. The others don’t stand a chance, to be honest.

Sanne Bruggink portrait

Who is Sanne Bruggink?

This athlete is not only very athletic but also very smart. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Psychobiology at the University of Amsterdam, Sanne  completed her master’s in Psychology. Luckily, she decided against a job as a psychologist. This is due to the fact that she loves Neuromarketing.

Sanne’s background gives her an amazing understanding of the requirements to generate better online results. This is something our partners experience when they work with her!

Sanne Bruggink and her work @ LeadHQ in Amsterdam?

Sanne also helps with developing our team and working methods. She has an analytical mindset and extensive knowledge. She is the perfect sparring partner for clients with plenty of challenges. From the start, she makes sure that the whole onboarding process is well organized, which allows our partners to start smoothly right away. Once everything is planned, we can assess and adjust as needed based on the results that were generated.

“Very honestly?” she asks. Laughing out loud she says;

“It is a small team, I really like that. This allows us to communicate quickly. Additionally, everyone helps you when needed. LeadHQ has a nice working atmosphere. We are given a lot of responsibility as well as freedom, which creates a lot of variety and brings different challenges to our work. This is really something I need and enjoy!”